Website Review for Royal Essays

This website has effectively communicated from the very first sight its product in bold letters and their call to action is an “Order Essay For You ” Button that follows. In my opinion that depicts a no nonsense way of conducting business and their seriousness in intent. Also the screen covers insignia of various reputed universities in UK, which adds to the perceived credibility of their work.

Royal Essays Review

The screen is not cluttered with information and lists the 3 USPs of royalessays service, which will be most relevant to decision making i.e. Plagiarism Free Work, Quality Assurance and Free Revision.
The colour scheme of Red and Gold correlates to the name of the royal essay website, and a sort of theme is evident. There is also a chat now feature seen that hovers in the bottom-right corner of the screen. The one thing that I found to be missing at the first glance were the Social Media buttons, which would make it easier to share the page. It is my opinion that the generation being targeted is a Social Media Savvy one, and those buttons could help. These buttons are located at the end of the page and would do better to be sticking out at the right or left corner.
Below there is a logical listing of their value proposition, and also a discount coupon is visible. A separate tab is dedicated to benefits. This screen reads easy and 8 benefits are listed. Easily accessible information and is broken down in a simple way.
The website loaded quickly and there were no heavy graphics or animations found on the website. Noticed a login button, however a Sign Up Button was not seen. Royalessays Reviewers seem to be from across the globe (Honk Kong, Australia, UK).
In conclusion, it is a simple and effective, professionally made website that is easy on the eyes and good user interface.